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2021 began very successful. Right after I had published my new videos Nipplegate and Freedom is a little boat at my YouTube channel, the number of viewers increased rapidly to 70.000. Unfortunately, YouTube deleted this channel because of too much nudity. Both videos are only showing female nipples in a satiric and artistic context. But female nipples are still getting censored on most of the social media platforms. Many women and artists all over the world  are protesting for a long time already against this unequal treatment of female and male nipples. Here you can see the uncensored version of NIPPELALARM/ NIPPLEGATE. If you want to watch the original versions of my other music videos, just go to my Vimeo channel. Otherwise please support my new YouTube channel Antje Mönning Official. 
Alle Videos

Alle Videos

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Demo §218.jpg
watch my whole speech and performance at YouTube : Demo against § 218 in Augsburg 2021 #safeabortionday  
For more information:
Bündnis für sexuelle Selbstbestimmung
In meinen Träumen.jpg

watch my new BODYPAINTING / art video at YouTube. Musiktitel:  In meinen Träumen, auf allen Streaming-Plattformen zu hören

Nippelalarm Thumbnail neu.jpg

watch award nominated video NIPPELALARM / NIPPLEGATE at vimeo

Schatten Thumbnail.jpg

watch DER SCHATTEN at YouTube

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